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bb7 and our best friends

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to bring in sweet little puppies available for adoption? This year, bb7 hosted a “puppy love” party for our team and our team’s family members in celebration of the holiday. For a...
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Product failures: What went wrong?

When it comes to preventing product failures, selecting the right materials is key. However, all the material knowledge in the world will not help if the product being developed is not fully understood. No one intentionally designs a product to...
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Does FEA seem unFEA$ible?

There is awesome power in computational analysis!

Most of the trial and error developing electronics, materials and parts can be avoided because computer models and sophisticated analyses can simulate so many physical operations and environmental conditions. Unfortunately, many small and...
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Engineering Documentation: Pro Tips

As a Documentation Specialist, I have spent over a decade implementing and managing large and small engineering documentation projects including end-of-life and data cleanup for 8,000 parts, RoHs (Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances) documentation, classification of 4,000 parts according to...
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